The clinical data capture software Webtrial® is constituted by an internet server coupled with a central database. Data are stored in a dedicated bay hosted in a secure datacenter labeled “Official Health Data Hoster”. Each user has a unique login and password.
Webtrial® is an intuitive « on -line » solution which means that no specific piece of software has to be installed on the user’s computer (data are saved in the Cloud).Webtrial® works directly on any device connected to the Internet (computer, tablet, smartphone…) via any Web browser.Webtrial® is currently used by approximately 80 protocols worldwide to follow patients in hematology, cardiology, oncology as well as medical devices implanted patients (ie. 100 000 patients, some of them having a medical record stored since 2000).


According to his/her profile, he/she can access the front office (clinical data capture pages) …

… or the back-office (system administration pages including the dynamic creation of the protocol, centers and users encryption).

Since 2011 Quanticsoft Also develpos a new clinical data capture software type “Electronic Patient Record”  for clinics and hospitals in France called QeHr (Quanticsoft electronic Health Record).