Established in 2005, Quanticsoft specializes in Informatics and Biomedical Research.



This implies a high level of expertise in security processes (exchange and archiving process), database management (with MySQL, Postgres, Oracle database) and of the following development languages php, Java, under Linux, etc…



 The company’s flagship product, the clinical data capture software Webtrial® consists of a web server coupled to a central database. It is an intuitive on-line solution, working directly on any device connected to the Internet (computer, tablet, smartphone…) via any Web browser. Its main purpose is to accompany pharmaceutical companies in the development of new treatments – mainly against cancer – and this through the creation of electronic case report forms (eCRFs).



Since 2007, the date of submission to the FDA of an NDA for the opening of a new therapy line of Velcade for the  Millennium laboratory, Quanticsoft maintains the validated Webtrial environment (SOP tracking changes with code versioning and ticket management (incidents correction / change requests).

As a true partner for clinics, public and private hospitals and institutions such as the Institut Curie, Quanticsoft assists them from the regulatory specifications requirement phase to the start of production through operational validation and user training, without forgetting technical assistance.

In parallel and thanks to its rich experience Quanticsoft works with the European consortium EHR4CR: European Health Record for Clinical Research. From this experience, we develop an electronic health record centralizing all medical, health care, food specifications… in the Cloud via the Internet (the solution is QeHr : Quanticsoft Electronic Health Record).